Antonia Comito

Antonia Comito was born in Messina on 1990. She took her first piano lessons at the age of 3 and mastered her musicianship under the guidance of Maestro Vincenzo Le Pera.
After her graduation in September 2010 with honorable mention and the highest valutation in Conservatorio “F.Cilea” of Reggio Calabria, Antonia continued her postgraduate studies with Maestro Leonid Margarius at the Accademia Pianistica di Imola “ Incontri col Maestro” and with Maestro Natalia Trull, ordinary teacher of Moscow Conservatory.
She had also important advices by other many Maestros like Maria Joao Pires, Pavel Gililov, Grigory Gruzman, Roberto Cappello, Enrico Pace and Ingrid Fliter.
Antonia has been constantly concertizing since the very early age. She collaborates with various symphony orchestras and regularly performs for Festivals and Concert Series, such as: “Ravello Concert Society” in Ravello; “Lucca Classica Music Festival” in Lucca; “Liszt and Friends” in Roma; “Fundacion Eutherpe” in León; “Winner Saal” of Mozarteum in Salzburg; “Spazio Classica” in Milano; Chamber Music Festival “Le Corti dell’Arte” Cava dei Tirreni; “Filarmonica Laudamo” of Messina; “Talenti In Pilotta” Music Festival in Parma; “Tropea Musica” and “Armonie della Magna Graecia” in Tropea; “Il Salotto di Marcella Crudeli” in Roma; “Concerti del Tempietto” IN Roma; “Scenari” in Cosenza – Rende; “Boccherini Open 2014” Festival “Percorsi Musicali d’Autunno” in the concert hall of the Boccherini Musical Institute in Lucca; In 2011 Antonia Comito gave a lecture-recital for the University of Rome 3 – collegio Didattico DAMS – in the Concert hall SPTM di Roma.
Young pianist is also a winner of numerous National and International competitions, such as: “Vincenzo Scaramuzza” of Crotone (I prize ), “San Calogero” of Vibo Valentia (I prize ), “Napoli Nova” of Napoli (II prize), “Premio S. Francesco di Paola” of Paola (I prize), European Piano Competition “Città di Palmi” (II Prize), international Competition “La Vallonea” 2011 (I prize and absolute prize), International Prize “Jacopo Napoli” of Cava dei Tirreni (II prize), Music Festival “I Giovani e l’Arte” of  EPTA Italy in Roma (I prize), National Competion “Villa Oliva” in Cassano Magnago (II prize), International Piano Competition “Città di Pesaro” (II prize), International Music Competition “Salzburg Grand Prize Virtuoso 2016” (II prize).
Her concerts received always a great critical acclaim as well as praised by the audience for her extraordinary musical qualities:
“At the moment, she is one of the most promising young pianists of her generation”, “Lo Schermo”, Lucca
“ Young pianist is a perspective talent on the Italian stage”, “Lucca live”, Lucca
“Proprietress of the stage- of the keyboard – at all times – in the meditative parts as well as in passionate impulses”, Matteo Pappalardo, “Gazzetta del Sud”.