Francesco Comito (Founder and Director of Le Salon de la Musique)

by Francesco Comito

Francesco Comito

"He demonstrates an excellent technical quality, which always serves the music, never banal, but always daring"

“He is presently one of Italy’s most promising young pianists”

– La Schermo di Lucca

“He demonstrates an excellent technical quality, which always serves the music, never banal, but always daring”

– Matteo Pappalardo of Gazzetta del Sud

Francesco Comito’s brilliant musical talent manifested itself at a very early age and allowed him to start a busy performing career, playing concerts for several important musical associations as a soloist and in chamber ensembles. He progressed to winning several national and international competitions, and now his concerts are consistently receiving rave reviews and drawing enthusiastic audience reaction.

Season 2017-2018 is awarding him many wonderful performing opportunities including – to name just a few – a recent tour in Sao Paulo, Brazil, recital in London, UK, plus, back in Italy, appearances at “Lucca Classica Music Festival” and “Musica in Pilotta” in Parma.

In July 2019 Francesco was invited to perform in UK again.The concert took place in Worthing, during the International Interview Concerts series. Other engagements for the upcoming season will take him to Russia, USA, China and Italy.

He collaborates with Italian orchestras and is regularly invited to perform in prestigious venues, centres and festivals such as The Musikverein in Vienna, The Museum of Scriabin in Moscow, The Ravello Concert Society in Ravello and “Liszt and Friends” in Rome’s Chapel Borromini.

Francesco performed the world premiere of Andrea Massaria’s piano transcription of Giuseppe Tartini’s famous Violin Sonata in G minor ‘The Devil’s Trill’. This took place at the Teatro di Marcello in Rome during the Concerti del Tempietto Festival. Also in Rome, in April 2015, Francesco and his fellow-pianist sister Antonia performed a concert at the auditorium CASC Bank of Italy.

Other sought-after Italian engagements have brought him to Church of St. Agnes in Agone, in Piazza Navona, to Il Salotto di Marcella Crudeli in Rome.

He has appeared in “Concerts of the Temple in Rome”, in “Scenarios” in Cosenza – Rende, in “Boccherini Open 2014” Rassegna, and in “Percorsi Musicali d’Autunno” at the concert hall of the Music Institute Boccherini in Lucca, and also “Filarmonica Laudamo” in Messina.

Francesco was born in 1990 in Messina, southern Italy, and began his musical studies at the age of three. At 11 he entered Conservatory in the class of professor Umberto Zamuner, and then continued his studies under Vincenzo Le Pera.

In September 2010, at 19, he graduated from the Conservatory F.Cilea in Reggio Calabria, with an honorable mention and later continued his musical training with Leonid Margaritas and Igor Roma at the prestigious Imola Piano Academy “Incontri col Maestro”.

Francesco is now mastering his skills under the guidance of Professor of Moscow Conservatory Natalia Trull.

Francesco Comito