by comito

Francesco Comito

Music: freedom of the human soul”.

This is the spirit that moves Francesco Comito’s work both as a musician and as an entrepreneur. His aim is not only to transmit this freedom to experience Art in an authentic and genuine way by dissociating himself from conformistic thought and standardized music, but also to concretize this philosophy. And this is where “Le Salon de la Musique” was born: a multifaceted brand that is expressed through the production and diffusion of records, music videos, presentation and online promotion of artists of great personality.

Francesco began to love the piano at the age of three and developed his artistic training with Maestro Vincenzo Le Pera and Professor Natalia Trull.

He performs in Russia, the United States, Brazil, England, Austria, Italy, playing in very important concert halls such as the Musikverein of Vienna, the Alexander Scriabin Museum in Moscow, the Great Hall of the Rostov State Philharmonic in Rostov-on -Don , the Voertman Hall of the University of the North Texas in Denton, USA, Laudamo Philharmonic in Messina, the Auditorium of the “Sociedade Brasileira de EUBIOSE” and the Auditorium of the “MuBE” in Sao Paulo and others.

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