Konstantin Alexeev Online Piano Recital

by Francesco Comito

May 30


01:00 pm - 02:00 pm

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Konstantin Alexeev Online Piano Recital

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Schubert. Impromptu op.142 n.1 f-moll. 12 Valses nobles.
Fantazy C-dur”Wanderer”

is recognized as the winner of numerous (24) competitions and festivals, such as Cantu International Piano Competition (Cantu, Italy), Neue Sterne International Piano Competition (Wernigerode, Germany), Aachen International Piano Competition MozARTe, Parnassos International Piano Competition (Monterrey, Mexico), Shura Cherkassky International Piano Competition (Milan,Italy), Seiler Competition in Kitzingen-Germany, Chopin Competition in Moscow, IKIF festival in New York, International Fausto Zadra Piano Competition and many others.

​Pianist gives more than 50 concerts per season. He has more than 400 solo pieces and 20 concerts for piano with orcestra in repertoire.

​ He played in the Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece , the Netherlands, Hungary, Japan, the USA, Mexico, the UK, France, Kazahstan and not to count constant performances in his native Russia.

​ Alexeev repeatedly performed concerts in halls such as: Great, Small and Rachmaninoff Halls of State Moscow Conservatory, Chamber Hall of Moscow International House of Music, Moscow Kremlin Armory Museum Hall, Great Hall of Russian State Historical Museum in the Red Square, Museums of Nikolay Rerich, Sviatoslav Richter, Alexander Scriabin in Moscow, Pavel Slobodkin Concert Hall in Moscow, Polish Embassy, The Ukraine Culture Center Hall, Conference Hall of Russian State Library in Moscow, Central Music School Great Hall in Moscow, Philharmony (Winter Theatre) Hall of Sochi,Hall of the Lviv Philarmony named after Nikolay Lysenko (the Ukraine),Great Hall of the Central Music School in Kharkov (the Ukraine), AOI Hall in Shizuoka (Japan), Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow (Scotland, the United Kingdom) , Hochschule fur Music und Theater Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdi in Leipzig, Conservatorio “Niccolo Paganini” Genova,Teatro di Casino San Remo, Teatro Communale in Grosseto,Teatro Rendano in Cosenza, Teatro San Teodoro and Teatro Fumagali in Cantu, Teatro Comunale in Como (Italy),Hahn and Lehmann Halls in the Music Academy of the West (Santa Barbara, USA),Palace of Legion of Honor (San Francisco), Le Petite Trianon Theatre (San Hose),Festival Concert Hall and Edith Bate’s Old Chapel at Round Top (Texas), Mannes College and Juilliard School concert halls in New York, Jordan and Williams Halls of New England Conservatory in Boston,Muziekcentrum Arke Zaal in Enschede (the Netherlands) ,Enric Granados Auditori Municipal (Lleida,Spain), Main Hall of Conservatory of Music in Jaen (Spain),Great Hall of Conservatorium named after Kurmangazy in Almaty (Kazakhstan),Radzijevice Palace (Warsaw,Poland), Music Academy in Krakow (Poland), “Teatro 95” in Cergy-Pontoise (France), Spazio Teatro 89 (Milan), Auditorium San Pedro (Monterrey,Mexico) , Aachen Hochschule fur Music, Aachen Balsaal, in Solti Hall in stare Liszt State Academy of music in Budapest.

​ Konstantin played with such collectives, as Orchestra Parnassos under Franz Krager (the USA), Moscow State Symphony for the Youth under D.Orlov, “Lviv’s Virtuosos” under S.Burko, Chopin College’s Orchestra and Pavel Slobodkin Center Orchestra under V. Ryzhaev, Moscow Central Music School Orchestra under A.Jakupov, State Chamber Orchestra of Russia under M.Mandorano (USA) , Philarmonische Kammerorchester Wernigerode (Germany) under Christian Fitzner , Aachen Mozart Virtuosos Simfonic Orchestra under Herbert Goertz, Philarmonic Orchestra “Mihail Jora” di Bacau (Rumania) under Ovidiu Balan and Glinka State Quartet (Russia). His collaboration with different artists included performances with many renowned artists, such as E.Andjaparidze, D.Trifonov, S.Dogadin and many others.

​Pianist was commercially recorded on CD by company “Zvuk” and American, Russian and Georgian TV.

​Konstantin was taking lessons of pianist, academic ,People’s Artist of Russia professor of Moscow State Tchaivsky Conservatory Sergey Dorensky, whose student he officially became in 2013 and of his assistants People’s Artist of Russia Nikolay Lugansky, Merited Artist of Russia, professor of Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory Pavel Nersessian and Merited Artist of Russia, Dean of Piano Department of Moscow Conservatory, professor Andrey Pisarev.

Konstantin also played in the master-classes of S.Dorensky, N.Lugansky, P.Nersessian, A.Pisarev, J.Rose (USA), V.Krainev , A. Nasedkin, N.Petrov, M.Voskressensky, V.Merzhanov, J.Kacnelson, N. Ogawa (Japan),E.Andjaparidze, D.Rachmanov, E. Zilberkant, J.Lowenthal (USA),A.Korsantia (Georgia-USA), A.Kobrin, David Dubal (USA)-this master-class was broadcasted online on American TV, V. Rosenbaum (USA), M. Suk, A. Braginsky, S.Mayer (USA), F. Levy (USA), J. Dick (USA), E. Krassovsky (Israel), Q. Nguen (USA), G. Dies (USA),M. Willcox (USA), M. Oelbaum (USA), N.Lelchuk (USA), M.Mdivany (Canada) ,in chamber master-classes with E.Andjaparidze, P.Salaff (USA), famous Takacs Quartet (USA) and others.

Alexeev is a scholar and a concert acts participant of Vladimir Spivakov International Beneficial fund and a scholar of Ministry of Culture fund, also he is a member of V.Krainev International Beneficial fund. He was a student of the Federal Purpose-Oriented Program “Gifted Children” of the Presidential Program “Russian Children” in 2001 , he is also the scholar and concert acts participant of I. Dunaevsky Foundation since 2008.He was the laureate of Janet and William Schwartz Scholarship Award in IKIF, New York. In 2007 he became a scholar of the K. Orbelian and N.Guzik Cultural Foundation and The James Dick Foundation for the Performing Arts (USA).Since 2008 he is an artist of Studiomusica Management Company (Modena, Italy).

​Konstantin is interested in composition , he has written several piano pieces and performed many of them.

​Konstantin Alexeev was born on the 19th of February in Moscow and started his musical education at the age of five.

In 1997 Konstantin entered School of Academic Music College attached to State Moscow P.Tchaikovsky Conservatory in class of Tatyana Direktorenko. Being a pupil he had received several prizes:

​1st prize of The International Classical Music Competition “Musicalia” in Athens, 2000.

2nd prize of The Open International Pianists’ Competition “The Teacher and the Schoolboy” in memory of S.Rachmaninoff in Moscow, 2001.

Laureate of The 1st Opened Nikolai Rubinshtein Moscow Pianists’ Competition , 2001.

Special prize of The 6th International Vladimir Krainev’s Young Pianists’ Competition in Kharkov, 2002.

Laureate in two nominations (Solo and Concert) of The 5th Open Musicians’ Competition “Youthful Arts Assembles” in Moscow, 2002.

5th prize of The 3rd International “Seiler Piano Competition for Young Pianists in Kitzingen (Germany), 2003.

In 2001 he performed concerts with Moscow State Symphony Orchestra under D. Orlov, including concert in Big Hall of State Moscow Conservatory.

In 2003 Konstantin graduated School of Academic Music College Attached to State Moscow Conservatory with honors and entered Moscow Academic F.Chopin College in class of Peoples’ Artist of Russia Alexei Nasedkin (assistants: Merited Artist of Russia P.Fedotova, winner of international competitions D.Teterin, pianist D.Chefanov).

In September 2004 he won the 5th prize of The 4th Moscow International Frederic Chopin Competition for Young Pianists. The next year he played on tour in Warsaw and Krakow.

In 2005 Konstantin became laureate of Young Moscow Pianists’ Romantic Music F.Chopin festival, and in 2006 he became the laureate and the special prize holder (recital in Rachmaninoff Hall in February 2007) of this festival again.

In 2006 Konstantin Alexeev taking an external degree graduated Moscow Academic F.Chopin College with honors and entered Moscow State P.Tchaikovsky Conservatory in class of Alexei Nasedkin. He studied chamber music in class of Peoples’ Artist of Russia professor Tigran Alikhanov.

That September he participated in the Young Concerts Artists European auditions in Hochschule Felix Mendelsohn-Bartholdi Leipzig.

In February 2007 he had concerts (solo and chamber)during the Festival in Japan, where he also gave master-classes for the first time.

In February-March 2008 he made his first American tour, playing in San Francisco, San Hose, Miami and Tibouron. He also played in Italy for the first time in January and March 2008 (San Remo, Cosenza and Genova).

In June-July 2008 he participated in The International Festival-Institute at Round Top (Texas) and International Keyboard Institute and Festival, held in Mannes College (New York), where he was the laureate of Janet and Williams Schwartz Scholarship Award. In December of this year Konstantin won 2nd and special prizes of The 3rd International Competition “Modern Art and Education” in Moscow.

In February and March 2009 he played in Italy in Ragusa ,Messina and Alcamo and in July he participated in the International Keyboard Institute and Festival in New York for the second time.

Konstantin participated in the Music Academy of the West (Santa Barbara , USA) in June-August 2010, where he was awarded with a Special Mention of the Concerto Competition Jury.

In 2011 he graduated with honours from Moscow Conservatory. The same year pianist participated for the 3rd time in the International Keyboard Institute and Festival in New York and was MacKenzie Scholarship Competition winner.

In 2012 he became special prize winner of the Shura Cherkassky piano competition in Milan.

In April 2014 Konstantin won the 1st prize of the 4th Neue Sterne International Piano Competition in Wernigerode, Germany

In October 2014 he became the laureat of the 4th prize in Parnassos International Piano Competition in Monterrey, Mexico

In September 2015 he became the laureat of the 2nd prize of International Fausto Zadra Piano Competition in Abano Terme (Italy)

In September 2015 he became the laureat of the 2nd prize of International Prix de Amadeo Piano Competition in Aachen (Germany)

In May 2016 pianist won the 1st prize and became the winner of Cantu International Piano Competition (Italy)

His recital in Small Hall of Moscow Fhilarmony took place in October 2013.

His appearances in “Klaverissimo” Festival with Philarmonische Kammerorchester Wernigerode (conductor Ch. Fitzner) in Brahms 2nd piano concerto took place in May 2015 . The same month he became the diplomant of The International “Duetti di Primavera” competition in Moscow.Since 2014 he is the candidat of joining Russian Composers’ Union.

He performs his solo piano and chamber music often in his native Russia and all over the world. In April 2016 Konstantin was proud to be for the 1st time in the jury of Music Competition ( and co-chairman already) ” Altar of Motherland” (Moscow).

​Konstantin Alexeev commercialy recorded on state Hungarian TV M3 in September 2016.

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