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Our events take place on our social platforms, and they are divided into 3 formats, which we briefly describe below:

Introduction to Classics: Our Introduction to Classics is pre-recorded video content, the purpose of which is to "explain" the world of classical music to audiences, even the least knowledgeable, engaging them and bringing them closer to an informed and thus "intentional" listening to music. Our Introduction to Classics, which can be explanations, guided listening, or video content that unites music and images by exploiting synesthesia, are dedicated spaces aimed at stimulating and enriching the creativity and imagination of the listener by ensuring that music is no longer seen as something incomprehensible but for what it really is: a universal language.

Meet the Artist: Our Meet the Artist are weekly live interviews in which we invite an artist from our roster or a new entry in SMClassic to introduce them to the community, promote them, and create a solid and direct connection with the audience, which has the opportunity to interact directly, ask questions, and contribute by adding value.

Community Calls: Our Community Calls are weekly live events where SMClassic founders, our guests, and our community discuss together topics of interest related to the worlds of art and education, business and entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation, but also topical issues such as sustainability, environmental impact, inclusivity, and the digital transition as seen through the lens of art and music. Community Calls are "windows to the future," free and unfiltered discussion spaces where administrators, guests, and the community interact freely in a journey of growth and enrichment.

Our captivating events mesmerize live audiences and leave a lasting impact through engaging broadcasts and strategic reposts, reaching incredible impressions (people reached): from 30,000 to 60,000 people daily.

If you would like to participate as a guest speaker at one of our events (Introduction to Classics, Meet the Artist, Community Call) to introduce yourself as an artist, present a project of your own, or simply explore topics of interest you are knowledgeable about, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We will consider your proposal as soon as possible.

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Le Salon de la Musique

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