About us

by comito

Music as an embodiment of the longing for freedom of thought that dwells in the human heart.

Music is light
Music is hope
Music is youth of the heart
Music makes the musician its Hero, always.
We at the Salon de la Musique, all of us who love music, who live with it and who interpret the life with it, we think that the young heroes, the ancient heroes, all, are united by the need to keep alive the passion for the musical art or rather say for the religion of music.
We feel the need and urgency to create a place where music is lived, not just listened to, but anticipated and implicated in every moment, by everyone, as in a friendly lounge that awaits us every day to  share moments of saving beauty together and in recognition of the strength that still exists, the strength of our young heroes, who go forward together with the Great Ones, united and despite everything.
It is the young generation who must be recognized and appreciated on this place, the authentic strength of their sacrifices and selfless love for Music.  It is the young generation who must not be destined to remain invisible or placed in extremely specialized spaces and therefore insulating.
For this reason we cannot resign ourselves to allow thought that even in the Art and the Music there is a risk to give a visibility and space only or almost exclusively, to carriers of standardized mediocrity, jugglers of notes, unscrupulous virtuosi lacking the “deep soul” that allows to get in contact and in connection with the Great Spirit of True Art, to give it to the world.
We at the Salon de la Musique want, together with all of you, to give light and color to the Art of our Heroes, the Great as well as the Young ones, carrying on and sharing with passion and dedication, timeless Music, the music that, according to the words of Beethoven, made the Composers become the Poets of Sound.